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As Konsalt Information Technologies, we invest in our solution portfolio and our consultants. We identify the best solutions and our professionals provide expertise and guidance to integrate solutions into our customers’ business targets in order to increase efficiency and effectiveness.


  • Service & Configuration Management
  • Monitoring  and Observability
  • Automation
  • DevOps
  • Data Management
  • Security Management


  • Turnkey Delivery Project
  • Advanced Consultancy
  • Local Support Services
  • Strategic Outsourcing
  • Training & Mentoring

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Helping our customers succeed with their digital transformation journey. Better together.

Abdullah Bilgin


We had the opportunity to work with KONSALT before. It was very important for us that they had a solution-oriented approach and acted as a part of our team. As we were working closely with the software teams, especially when developing service models, communication and guidance were key. We chose to work with Konsalt because the technical and personal characteristics are the qualities we look for in our business partners.



With the Red Hat OpenShift infrastructure, it was aimed to manage Bilyoner's increasing system load with live bets without loss of revenue. The infrastructure and management project jointly implemented by Konsalt, Red Hat and Bilyoner started a new era in Bilyoner's digital and organizational transformation.

Bülent Saltürk


We saved an average of 5,000 human hours per week in 2019. The savings soared to 15,000 human hours per week during remote working periods due to COVID-19 in 2020.

Mehmet Halit Sümen

LC Waikiki

Actually, the most important thing in this project is knowing how to use the data. Riverbed is a treasure, but you need to be guided by someone experienced to reach that treasure. You can have these answers only by getting involved with POCs and personal curiosity in real life. Konsalt helped us a lot in this sense with their deep expertise.


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Özgür Kayım


Galip Tütüncüoğlu


Projects Completed 60+

Enterprise Customers 50+

Certification 50+

Solutions 45+

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